.: Channelling ideas :.

Are you in search of a freelance writer for your articles, blog posts or site content?

Do you need someone putting thoughts into words?
Turning facts into stories?
Converting concepts into emotions?


>> Let me help you. I am specializing in:

  • Offering high quality custom blog content that is approachable and will get your message across
  • Writing Search Engine Optimizes (SEO) editorial content that easily gets google’s attention and gets read by your target audience
  • Infusing my writing with metaphorical, witty language that inspires your readers

>> all of the above services are available in English or German

  • Translating your content between English and German


Thanks to my background as an architect, a yoga teacher and an entrepreneur I can draw knowledge from a wide range of experiences. I am able to fuse the best of each field together in interdisciplinary content that leaves room for new interpretations.

>> My niche topics are:

  • Humanness from all angles
    • Yoga practice and philosophy
    • Nutrition, Health Routines, Exercise
    • Meditation, Neuroscience, Subconsciousness Work
  • Mindful entrepreneurship
    • Work-life balance
    • Authentic branding
    • Turning interest into income
  • Wholistic Living
    • Architecture (micro and macro)
    • Off grid-concepts, mobile living, permaculture
    • Minimalism

Sounds good?

Let’s think together