Are you a life enthusiast?

Someone who is eager to learn?

Who is looking to take their life to the next level?

Welcome to the club

This is us, being thrown onto this wonderful planet, gifted with a starter set of a physical body, an intellect, and a spiritual consciousness. Born with an implemented desire to figure out the one thing we are all striving for – happiness.

This is the place where we get together as humans, inspiring each other for growth. Understanding that if we want to upgrade our life on the personal, financial and homey level, we need to take conscious action.

Life’s versatile in its demands. And so are we in our solutions.

Would you like to improve your body and mind health and are looking for someone that can give you a clear roadmap structured to bring you long-lasting results while considering your time- and energy budget?

Do you have a project that you are passionate about, but are lacking the time and focus to verbalize your ideas into content? Do you need someone who has expertise in personal development matters, speaks architectural and design language, and can express your message with an understanding of your concept and brand uniqueness?

Are you dreaming about creating a life by your own design, making a living space for yourself that is matching your personality and is sustainable as well as flexible to your needs?

It’s all about fusion

Let me help you. My name is Elena, and I am a yoga teacher, a freelance writer and an architect. I am making it my mission to combine my multifaceted experience into what I call three core principles:

*foundation I developing a personal centre – BEING

*expansion I creating the space around you – LIVING

*direction I heading towards a purpose – WORKING

I know from personal experience how hard it can be to bring the pieces together. Having spent most of my time and effort in the past years to figure out my (un)happiness, to carve out my transition into the work style that matches my authentic blueprint, and to take responsibility for how and where I live, I have more than enough tested and proven material to help you shift your perspective and move forward.

We are a team

It basically works like making a signature dish.

You post your order focussing on a specific taste and I am boiling down the essential ingredients for you to use this essence to create something yummy and nourishing for yourself and the people around you. Which will in turn be the seed for the next person to make their own dish to enjoy and share… and so on.

Do you get the point?

You’re not alone in this. No one is. We’re all in this together. We’re here to inspire and be inspired.

So let’s see where I can pick you up. I am offering my service in all three core categories.

Would you like to…

…breathe together? I YOGA

…think together? I FREELANCE WRITING

…create together I ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN

I love to have you here. Thanks for being a guest, a contributor, a critical co-thinker.

Let’s rock this world.